Signs of the Times - Our Flag Was Still There
November 2002
War With Iraq: Our Flag Was Still There
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Our Flag Was Still There

(Words & music by John McCutcheon & Barbara Kingsolver
work version 8/2/2002

I can see it so clear
That very first time
At a game with my Dad
I was eight, maybe nine
We all rose to our feet
Before the ballgame could start
We took off our caps
And put our hands to our hearts

First (false) Chorus
It was more than a banner
It was more than a song
I sang 'cause I believed
I sang 'cause I belonged
I sang for all those who dreamed
For all those who dared
Who looked to the heights
And our flag was still there

I see it passing on cars
I see it passing for war
I see it passing for patriotism
I have seen it before
I've seen it used as a weapon
To brand some as wrong
No one has the right, I will stand up and fight
To say I belong

And our flag is still there
For the saints and the sinners
Yes, our flag is still there
For all the losers and winners
For those who still dream
For those who still there
For the scorned and forgotten
Our flag is still there

John McCutcheon at UVa Gathering for Peace

Lawrence & Lexington
Concord & Kent
Seattle & Selma
We are born of dissent
And on this native ground
Blessed by immigrant blood
In that river of freedom
We're all washed in the flood Chorus

It's still there
Though we might disagree
If you are brave
In the land of the free
We have weathered so much
We have traveled so far
We are woven together
We are spangled with stars

So as we take off our caps
And as we all rise
Put our hands to our hearts
As we lift up our eyes
We begin with one question
We ask, "Oh, say, can you see?"
Stand and be strong, believe and belong
Be brave and be free Chorus

©2002 John McCutcheon & Barbara Kingslover/Appalsongs (ASCAP)

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