Signs of the Times - Will Lyster on Million Moms March
May 2000
Gun Control: Will Lyster on Million Moms March
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I am a member of the NRA and have been since I was 12. I own handguns, rifles and shotguns. I use these guns for two things; I shoot competitively and I carry one for protection - not just for my protection but for those around me as well.

I have taken safety classes ever since I was a member. I have taught my fiancée, Jenn, how to handle handguns and long guns responsibly as well. She, too will be taking some NRA-approved safety classes this summer. I will also get her a handgun as a wedding gift and help her apply for her concealed carry permit.

I understand where both sides of this argument come from. I don't think there are many people who are against decent safety measures such as trigger locks, or waiting periods to purchase handguns (except for collectors).

Where people (Second Amendment Sisters and the like) get upset is with the licensing and registration. I, personally don't care if I have to register my weapons and become licensed.

Let's assume that I register my handgun and become licensed. What happens when someone steals my trigger-locked weapon? They cut the lock off and are now the newly unlicensed owner of my handgun.

What happens if I want to sell my handgun? Is it my responsibility to tell the buyer that they have to wait 3 days? Am I to file a report with the FBI? Am I required to see if they are licensed?

What happens when a legally licensed gun owner shoots 9 people with her legally registered handgun? Did the law work? No.

It won't work. People are going to get their hands on guns the same way I could get anything I wanted when I was a kid. If my parents had locks - I could find the key. I knew everything and where everything was. I could get people to buy me beer when I was ten. I could buy cigarettes from vending machines. I could drive my parents car late at night when I was too young to drive.

Existing laws are doing as much as can be done. They just need to be enforced better. People should support the NRA for providing safety classes.

What eventually happens is that if these two issues ARE made into law - and nothing changes - then the Million Moms will have to do something else, like go through the new list of licensed gun owners and ask them to turn in their registered guns.

Will Lyster (electronic mail, May 19, 2000).

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