Signs of the Times - Please Do Not Steal Our Soap
December 2000
Seen Around Town: Please Do Not Steal Our Soap
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One of my favorite haunts is Greenberry's at Barrack's Road Shopping Center.

Rarely do I make it through the day without a grande why bother and, of course, there is the added attraction of seeing Republicans Paul Harris and Dale McGlothlin there from time to time.

 Paul Clinton Harris, Jr.

Well, I have mentioned bathrooms on these pages before, most notably those at the White Dog Cafe with a portrait of Ken Starr. What is most noticeable about the bathrooms at Greenberry's is the sign in the woman's bathroom reading "Please do not steal our soap." [There was a similar sign in the men's room but it has already been stolen.]

Asked "what's up with that?", Brad Ripley responded:

"People were stealing our soap two times a week for more than five weeks, but it has calmed down now."

Brad Ripley

So, I had to ask myself. What would motivate people to steal soap? Was it the soft scent? Was it the peachy glow? Was it the antibacterial action of Soft Soap's hand moisturizer? Are they tired of depending upon 20-mule-team borox for their cleanliness needs?

If you have stolen soap or had soap stolen from you [hotel and motel rooms don't count], please send your comments to and the most representative will be posted with full attribution.

In the meantime, I am certain that Greenberry's will accept their Soft Soap Antibacterial Hand Moisturizer back no questions asked.

P.S. In Stockholm the problem seems to be missing spoons.

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