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David J. Toscano


City Councilor. Former Mayor. Class Mate of Donald McEachin and Kay Slaughter. Woodstock Veteran. Democratic Candidate for Charlottesville City Council in 1998 (Picture of David Toscano taken at the Mud House in Charlottesville, Virginia, 1997).

A Rising Star

When David first ran for election to city council, he had a wonderful running mate in Kay Slaughter and stateside support from then Governor Doug Wilder.

 Kay Slaughter, David Toscano, and Doug Wilder

On March 7, 1998, David Toscano was honored as one of 22 Democrats selected by Congressional District Committees "in recognition of their achievements and their bright future as leaders of (the Virginia Democratic) party": Charlottesville's own "Rising Star."

 David Toscano with Kenneth Plum and Virgil Goode

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