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Blizzards of 1996 -- September 14, 1996

"Last winter, snow, cold and howling winds kept most Virginians close to home. Nine months later, hospital officials say they are experiencing a baby boomlet... "We do know that we have a huge number of babies expected in September and October," said Ann Nickels, spokeswoman for Charlottesville's Martha Jefferson Hospital"" (The Daily Progress, September 14, 1996).

"Anything which takes away other forms of entertainment makes us turn towards each other," says Dr. Philip Minor, a Richmond gynecologist" (The Daily Progress, September 14, 1996).

What do you think we might see from Tropical Storm Fran?

Tropical Storm Fran -- September 6, 1996 Hurricane Fran "slammed into the North Carolina coast east of Cape Fear on September 5th around 8 p.m." Its winds quickly dropped from 120 mph to 100 mph "but still caused damage on its way north to Wilmington and Raleigh."

Its winds "dropped below 74 mph early September 6th, while swirling into Virginia." (USA Today).

Our power was off less than twelve hours, but power was not completely restored in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area until a week later. We lost four trees in the storm.

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