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March 2020
Race to the White House 2020: Virginia Democratic Delegates
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 The Democratic Presidential candidate will be selected by delegates at a national convention in Milwaukee, July 13 to 16.

Virginia is allotted 123 voting delegates. Of these, 99 will be apportioned based on the outcome of today's primary election, 65 by congressional district and the balance statewide. These delegates will be pledged to vote for a specific candidate on the first ballot. There are 24 so-called superdelegates -- elected officials, members of the Democratic National Committee, and distinguished party members. They are officially unpledged, and may vote for whom they please, beginning with the second (and subsequent) ballots, should no candidate emerge from the first.

Eleven have endorsed Joe Biden:

  • A. Donald McEachin
  • Leopoldo J. Martinez
  • Elaine Luria
  • Tim Kaine
  • Marc Broklawski
  • Terry McAuliffe
  • Robert C. Scott
  • Don Beyer
  • Jennifer Wexton
  • Steven C. Cochran
  • Abigail Spanberger

One is committed to Bernie Sanders:

  • Yasmine Taeb

The remaining 12 are presently uncommitted:

  • Gerald E. Connolly
  • Mark Warner
  • Ralph Northam
  • Yohannes Abraham
  • Doris Crouse-Mays
  • Morgan W. Jameson
  • Frank Leone
  • Christopher P. Lu
  • Jennifer McClellan
  • Atima Omara
  • Susan R. Swecker
  • Jeion Ward
(March 6, 2020)

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