Archives - Harry Tenney concurs about Biden, touts Harris
July 2019
Letters to the Editor: Harry Tenney concurs about Biden, touts Harris
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I share much of Dave Sagarin's opinion of Joe Biden....I told my brother in law several months ago that Biden's handling of the Anita Hill hearings and Biden's not allowing key witnesses on her behalf to testify would be difficult for him to overcome in the primary battles. Obviously, Trump could not use it against him because, I'm certain The Party of Trump might see that as a plus for Biden.

Clearly, I want Trump defeated and if Homer Simpson could do it; he'd have my vote. But I genuinely believe Trump could beat Biden quite easily. Biden is a a very poor to mediocre debater, he looked bad when he debated Sara Palin! Low cunning Trump could be just enough "trump" to make Biden look weak by comparison.

My first choice would have been Mitch Landrieu, former mayor of New Orleans but since he apparently will not be a candidate, my money is on Kamala Harris. I truly believe she'd run rings around Trump!

Harry Tenney (July 16, 2019)

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