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May 2018
Virginia Fifth District election 2018: Leslie Cockburn's electability
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Vanity Fair Magazine has run a pair of articles recently with specific reference to the Congressional race in Virginia's Fifth District. A month ago, Leslie Cockburn wrote about the process by which she decided to seek the nomination. And this week we have a discussion of whether moderate or more progressive Democrats stand a better chance in the upcoming elections. An opinion is offered that Leslie may prove too liberal (universal healthcare, universal Pre-K, free tuition) for the District.

David RePass replies


For those who think Lesie is too liberal for the 5th District because she advocates universal healthcare, universal Pre-K, free tuition I ask: do 5th District people never get sick and need health care, do they not want their children to do well in school by starting out well prepared, and do they not aspire to a college education for their children in an age when a college education is needed for a good job? Generations ago, a (free) high school education was enough.

(Electronic mail, May 21, 2018)

David RePass is a retired professor of political science who has taught at Amherst College, the University of Minnesota and the University of Connecticut. Upon retiring, he moved to Charlottesville, where in 2000 he led a grassroots group that placed two candidates on City Council. He also has been appointed to the city’s Elections Study Task Force, which considered the structure of city government, and the Law Enforcement on the Mall Task Force, which dealt with the problem of panhandling.

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