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July 2018
Letters to the Editor: Trump not a "Stable genius"
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Imagine if you can being on the board of directors of a corporation, the Joint Chiefs of Staff or any other organization where the CEO, general or head senior executive publicly announces he's a "stable genius" and more popular than any of his predecessors or peers.

Add to this a declaration that virtually any issue that comes before him, he announces he knows more than anyone, professional or otherwise dealing with that issue.

Now think of the president of a nation who declares those very things and if he can't get the opportunity to find an issue for comparison to his virtual unearthly skills will just make one up.

For example, Trump, out of the blue, declares he's the most popular Republican president in history, including Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and PRESIDENT LINCOLN! ( though how he would know this, since there were no polls in Lincoln's time)

How long would any board of directors, regents or overseeing agencies tolerate what is a psychiatric illness diagnosed as "Pseudologgia fantastica" (you can look it up). It is more commonly known as "pathological lying."

Aside from its connection to psychopathy, megalomania, delusions and obsession with power. This syndrome is, without exception, common to all, including the most infamous, dictators. Trump being no exception.

These are dangerous individuals and have little compassion, little conscience and will, as has been proven in the past, disregard their own citizens to satisfy their delusions of grandeur, recklessly endangering a nation.

Does anyone think for a moment that Kim Jong Un cares one wit about the people of North Korea? Or Donald Trump, the infant children of immigrant parents seeking asylum?

Trump demonstrates his indifferences regularly (you can start with POWs).

The "board of directors" in the case of Trump, is the sycophantic gang known as the Republican Party.

Harry Tenney (Electronic mail, July 13, 2018)

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