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May 2017
Letters to the Editor: Is Tom Garrett the Dumbest Member of Congress?
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Back in 1974 a US Senator from Virginia by the name of William Lloyd Scott was voted the dumbest member of Congress*, a record that held for forty three years. Now our representative, Tom Garrett, has proved Scott's equal, admitting he did not read or know the details of the most important piece of legislation affecting millions of Americans, the replacement of Obamacare. Hopefully it is DOA in the the Senate so maybe he only wanted to cover his position, not wanting to know about it in the first place. He might be persuaded it stinks if he dared.

But pretty irresponsible in any case.

Has it come to the point where these troglodytes, who claim to be members of an extinct political party, will phone in their vote on legislation, even legislation affecting millions of American lives?

Thank goodness folks of Garrett's stripe were not around when Social Security and Medicare legislation was enacted. They would not have made it.

Because the Affordable Care Act had President Obama's name associated with it was reason enough for these "Nabobs of Negativity" to work their evil.

Improving what is so sorely needed and is a good start was never a consideration. The overarching fear was that "Obamacare" as with Social Security and Medicare would become increasingly popular and important to the American people and GOD FORBID eventually an institution of American Democracy.

Harry Tenney (electronic mail, May 4, 2017)

*In fairness, although Scott was not the brightest bulb on the tree, the quotes assigned to him to show his moronic side were more prank than fact. But he resigned and we were fortunate enough to get a decent man named Senator John Warner.

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