Archives - Harry Tenney says it's back to the Feudal System
January 2017
Letters to the Editor: Harry Tenney says it's back to the Feudal System
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Up to this point in the cabinet appointment choices of Donnald Trump, it appears to be an "in your face" affair making the expression "the fox guarding the henhouse" particularly poignant.

The Dept of Energy, Education, EPA, Treasury, Commerce, HEW, HUD--all to be led by those opposed to those departments.

Tump gleefully, in his sadistic mental state, is determined to take the entire government back to virtually no government.

The people calling themselves "Republicans" are equally gleeful that Grover Norquist's desire for our government to be "dragged into the bathtub and drowned" will finally be fulfilled and the modern era of the feudal system can, in their minds, finally get under way.

Do I exaggerate?

Harry Tenney (January 19, 2017)

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