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September 2008
Letters to the Editor: Margie Shepherd Comments on Palin's Fifth Delivery
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I have my own questions for Sarah Palin, but they are not so nice and policy focused. All mothers know that, although labor might last a while for the first kid, by the fifth they come fast and furious. Also, that after the amniotic sac breaks, you don't travel anywhere for fear of infection and possible serious damage to the baby.

So - how does she get away with trying to make people believe that she was pregnant with Trig, gave a speech in Texas after her water broke, then boarded an 8 hour flight for Alaska, and took a 2 hour ride to some remote spot to have her baby. And then go to work three days later, like nothing happened, with a flat stomach?

No way that baby is hers.

So, the question is, is she crazy? delusional? or just lying?

Margie Shepherd (Electronic mail, September 9, 2008)

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