Archives - Tammy Londeree Says Rob Schilling Uses Scare Tactics
April 2006
Letters to the Editor: Tammy Londeree Says Rob Schilling Uses Scare Tactics
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I am still concerned that Rob Schilling and now his supporters seem to use hot topics to scare the public.

For one thing, Schilling is trying to give the impression that he single-handedly saved our citizens of Charlottesville to insure their money was being spent wisely. He is one person on the City Council and the other councilors voted and were concerned about the real estate tax. Schilling credits himself about an elected school board; he forgets that other councilors approved the idea as well and many concerned citizens came to the Council meetings in support of an elected school board.

I am not sure that Hawkins can make the assertion that Schilling is the "only" candidate who does not like the City taking private property to claim as their own. In the League of Women Voters' Forum, a citizen questioned all three candidates about certain property grabbed by the city for their own use. I was impressed with how Dave Norris said that he did not believe in that use of power by the city and he asked Julian Taliaferro about the last time the city took private citizens land. I believe they both said that they had not heard or seen any such abuse by the city government in more than ten years. They said that the actions of the city have been more fair and upfront.

Hawkins says that some people accuse Schilling of voting no on "everything." In addition, Hawkins points the finger at the Democrats for "never voting no" on Schilling's proposals. I have not researched how many times 'no' has been used by any of the councilors or candidates. I am weary of the use of "everything" and "never" which would mean a definite number of times. I do not believe Hawkins or Schilling are giving realistic information to the public.

I can't speak to Hawkins last idea to write in Charles Weber for City Council. Is Hawkins showing doubt in Schilling being effective by himself? I am completely bewildered about this latest Pro-Schilling Statement.

I hope that no one is won over by the use of phrases and accusations to vote for Rob Schilling or Charles Weber.

Tammy Londeree (electronic mail, April 27, 2006)

Editor's Note: David Toscano has also commented recently on Hawkins' assertion about Schilling and Eminent Domain. See

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