Archives - Nancy O'Brien Answers Questions About Separation of Church and State
November 2001
Letters to the Editor: Nancy O'Brien Answers Questions About Separation of Church and State
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Separation of Church and State Questionnaire

1. Vouchers: What is your position on tax-funded private school tuition vouchers?

Answer: I am not in favor of tax-funded private school tuition vouchers. Private schools already receive public support in terms of being tax exempt institutions.

2. Creation Science: Do you feel that the study of 'creation science,' 'intelligent design,' and other religious explanations of universal origins have a place in public education and, if so, in which curricula should they be covered?

Answer: Such courses do not belong in science classes. They could be covered in a comparative religion class.

3. Government-Sponsored Religious Activities: What is your reaction to the current wave of government-sponsored religious activities such as official prayer services for victims of terrorism, 'God Bless America' signs on public property, and elected officials publicly extolling the power of faith during times of crisis?

Answer: Ecumenical services are a way of bringing people together. They should be sponsored by the faiths involved. My own faith is powerful in bringing me through crises. I respect that others find their strength in their own way.

Nancy O'Brien (electronic mail, November 8, 2001)

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