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"Gloating Democrats carried a trophy onto the House floor yesterday, the morning after their victory over the Republicans, 13-8, in the annual Congressional Baseball Game in Bowie.

Democratic Whip David Bonior said the score is an omen for the November elections, reports The Post's Juliet Eilperin' (This Just In, Lloyd Grove with Beth Berselli, The Washington Post, July 28, 2000).

Closer to home [Charlottesville, Virginia], Republicans faced Democrats in the 7th Annual Softball Extravaganza for Meadowcreek Center, a program of region ten.

 Softball VII Democratic Team

Virginia House of Delegate member Mitch Van Yahres was coach of the Softball VII Democrats.

 Softball VII Republican Team

Former chair of the Charlottesville Republican Committee Dale McGlothlin coached the Softball VII Republican Team.

Democrats got clobbered 17-8. Congressman Virgil Goode played on the "Conservative Republican Team" as their "new rookie first baseman." The "Democratic Team" let everyone who showed up play and bat, while the Republicans kept the same team the whole time.

At the annual Congressional Baseball Game in Bowie, Virgil reportedly suited up for the Republicans and walked in his only plate appearance as a pinch hitter.

One local wag says that the Democrats gave Virgil more playing time last year, so switching has its diminishing dimension.

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