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January 2000
106th Congress: The Independent Leanings of Virgil Goode
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Virgil's absence from the 5th District Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner once again raised questions about whether he would remain a Democrat or become a Republican or Independent.

Last February, after his vote to impeach President Clinton, Virgil was not invited to co-host a 5th District Reception at the Virginia Democratic party's Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner.

Last August, there were rumors that Republicans would offer Virgil a seat on the House Appropriations Committee if he would jump the fence.

At the 5th District Dinner this month, Virgil actually bought a table but was unable to attend. Would he stay or will he go? Virgil promised to make an announcement sometime this month.

In the meantime, fellow Independent Rep. Bernie Sanders (Vt) -- with whom Virgil serves on the House Banking Committee -- was promised an appointment to the House Appropriations Committee by Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) if Democrats take control of the House.

Now that Virgil Goode has declared himself an independent, is it possible that he and Bernie Sanders might both end up on the House Appropriations Committee?

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