Archives - Lloyd Snook Speaks Out on Virgil Goode
January 2000
Letters to the Editor: Lloyd Snook Speaks Out on Virgil Goode
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Dear George:

I have voted for Virgil every time -- Lord knows it wasn't because I agreed with him. It was a party thing.

I gave Virgil $100 the first time that he ran. It was one of the most difficult checks I ever wrote, but I did it -- as a party thing.

Virgil as an Independent will get neither my money nor my vote.

As far demanding money back, I haven't given him any money recently. I gave him $100 to get elected as a Democrat; he voted with the Democrats to organize the House. That's about all that I can expect, I guess.

Let's face it -- we knew he was a snake when he took him in, didn't we?


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