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December 2000
Letters to the Editor: Will Lyster's Advice to Blacks, Liberals, Independents and Republicans
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Dear George,

Let me be the first to say as of this date, December 14, 2000, that America now has a Republican President-elect who will have to once again scramble to clean up the mess that the democrats have left.

The economy is failing. America's health care system sucks even after eight years. Our educational system is a disaster. Our military is a disaster waiting to happen and the Soviet Union (USSR) is returning to its old state - China will eventually become a major problem and just like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton is leaving with the Middle East a bloody mess...

This will be viewed by you liberal pansies now, that George W. Bush caused all of this to happen. This is not true. Bush is not yet President and I want you to realize, for the record, that this is the state of the Union. (By the way - if you are offended by my saying liberal pansy, then you must be one - otherwise you are simply a liberal and wouldn't necessarily be offended. I have been aligned with Nazi's just for being a Republican and I don't let it bother me since I am not a Nazi).

Both Republican and Democratic parties are calling for Americans and party legislators to work together to make our country one - and I hope that happens. Unfortunately, I can tell you it won't. Don't be fooled by Al Gore & Company or his liberal pals - they have no intention of getting along with anyone. Do you honestly think Jesse Jackson wants to get along with anyone? No. He wants liberals and blacks to riot in the streets.

To all of you Liberals and Blacks: Pay no attention to your political leaders when it comes to this. Try to stay above it all and work together with Republicans and Independents. If the Liberal politicians are for the working class and the poor and the children, why are the working class still poor? Why do our children still have a miserable educational system? Why is the black man still repressed? Did we have eight years of prosperity? If we had this prosperity why is the economy about to go south?

The liberal spin by the media does not help our country unite itself. The media is a divider - the media is out there saying that Bush must be a uniter. He already has proven himself to be a uniter. That's the whole history of his record as governor of Texas. He worked with a Democrat majority in the state legislature and got things done. He is a uniter - work with him and he will work with you.

We are one country, we are all Americans: United we stand - divided we fall... let's stay the United States of America.

Will Lyster (electronic mail, December 14, 2000).

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