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    "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Surely some revelation is at hand... " (from The Second Coming by W.B. Yeats).

    April 23, 2015

    Presidential Election 2016

    Possible Candidates


    Hillary Rodham Clinton, (declared) New York, former Senator, former Secretary of State
    Joe Biden, Delaware, former Senator, Vice President
    Martin O'Malley, (exploring) Maryland, former Governor
    Lincoln Chafee, (declared) Rhode Island, former Senator (R), former Governor (I)
    Brian Schweitzer, Montana, former Governor
    Bernie Sanders, (exploring) Vermont, Senator
    Jim Webb (declared), Virginia, author, former Secretary of the Navy, former Senator
    Mark Warner, Virginia, former Governor, Senator


    Jeb Bush, (plans to declare), Florida, former Governor
    Chris Christie (exploring), New Jersey, Governor
    Ted Cruz, (declared) Texas, Senator
    Marco Rubio (declared) , Florida, Senator
    George Pataki (exploring), New York, former 3-term Governor
    Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire, Senator
    Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota, former Governor
    Mike Pence, Indiana, Governor
    Lindsey Graham (plans to declare), South Carolina, Senator
    Deb Fischer, Nebraska, Senator
    Steve King, Iowa, Congressman
    Rob Portman, Ohio, Senator
    John Bolton, foreign policy commentator, former Ambassador to the United Nations
    Mary Fallin, Oklahoma, Governor
    Rick Santorum (exploring), Pennsylvania, former Senator
    Ben Carson (plans to declare), Maryland, Retired neurosurgeon, political commentator
    Rick Perry, (exploring) Texas, former Governor
    Susana Martinez, New Mexico, Governor
    Jon Huntsman, Utah, former Ambassador to China, former Governor, former Presidential candidate
    John Kasich, Ohio, Governor
    Rand Paul, (declared) Kentucky, Opthalmologist, Senator
    Scott Walker (exploring), Wisconisn, Governor
    Mike Huckabee (plans to declare), Arkansas, former Governor, former Fox News personality
    Paul Ryan, Wisconsin, Congressman, former Vice-Presidential candidate
    Bobby Jindal (exploring), Louisiana, Governor
    Carly Fiorina, (plans to declare), Virginia, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, former U.S. Senate candidate in California


    Gary Johnson, Utah, former Governor of New Mexico


    Dr. Jill Stein, Massachusetts, MD, recent candidate for various offices

    Local Elections 2015

    Democratic candidates will be selected in Primary elections to be held June 9th.


    Virginia State Senate District 17

    Bryce Reeves (R), Incumbent

    Virginia State Senate District 25

    Creigh Deeds (D) Incumbent

    Virginia House of Delegates District 25

    Steve Landes (R) Incumbent
    Angela Lynn (D), White Hall, former FEMA staff

    Virginia House of Delegates District 57

    David Toscano (D) Incumbent

    Virginia House of Delegates District 58

    Rob Bell (R) Incumbent

    Virginia House of Delegates District 59

    Matt Farris (R) Incumbent

    Connie Brennan (D) Nelson County, Supervisor

    Albemarle County

    If there are any contested nominations, Republican Candidates for local office will be selected by a Mass Meeting to be held on June 1, 2015.

    Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney

    Denise Lunsford (D) (Incumbent)

    Albemarle County Sheriff

    Chip Harding (R) Incumbent

    Albemarle County Clerk of Court

    Jon Zug (D)

    Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

    Rivanna Magisterial District

    Lawrence Gaughan (D)

    Norman Dill (D)

    Scottsville Magisterial District

    White Hall Magisterial District

    Anne Mallek (D) (Incumbent)

    Albemarle County School Board (At-Large Seat, White Hall, Scottsville, and Rivanna Districts)

    Soil and Water Conservation District (2 seats from Albemarle)


    Charlottesville City Council: Three seats up for election

    Possible Democratic Candidates

    Kathy Galvin (incumbent)
    Dede Smith (incumbent)
    Mike Signer (declared)
    Wes Bellamy
    Lena Seville

    Other Possible Candidates

    Anson Parker (I)

    Charlottesville School Board: Four seats up for election


    Offer Your Wisdom and Insight to Congress

    You can contact Senator Mark Warner [] or (202) 224-2023. His fax is (202) 224-6295.

    Contact Senator Tim Kaine [] or (202) 224-4024.

    Contact Rep. Robert Hurt [] Phone: (202) 225-4711 Fax: (202) 225-5681

    Contact Representative Dave Brat at [] or (202) 225-2815. His fax is (202) 225-0011.

    Contact the Governor

    Governor Terry McAuliffe, State Capitol, 3rd Floor, Richmond, Virginia 23219, Phone: (804) 786-2211. Fax: (804) 371-6351, TTY/TDD (For the Hearing Impaired): 1-800-828-1120, or 711 .E-mail: contact him through his website at

    All media requests should be made through the Governor's Press Office. Requests can be made by calling the Office of the Governor: (804) 786-2211. Invitations and Scheduling Requests by regular mail or fax only.

    The Office of the Governor receives a large volume of e-mail daily, and as a result, they are unable to respond to scheduling requests received by e-mail. All invitations and scheduling requests for the Governor should be submitted by regular mail or by fax. Please make sure to include as many details about the nature of the request as possible, as well as including your full name, complete address and telephone number.

    Governor Terry McAuliffe, Scheduling Office, State Capitol, 3rd Floor, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

    Contact Your Legislators

    Senator R. Creigh Deeds, 25th District: Charlottesville [P. O. Box 5462, 22905. (434) 296-5491]; Bath [(800) 545-5899; Richmond [(804) 698-7525].

    Committee Assignments: Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources; Privileges and Elections; Transportation, Courts of Justice. See also, bills Creigh Deeds has introduced.

    Senator Emmett Hanger, 24th District: Local (540) 885-6898; Richmond (804) 298-7524; electronic mail --

    Committee Assignments: Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources; Finance; Local Government; Rehabilitation and Social Services. See also, bills Emmett Hanger has introduced.

    Delegate David Toscano, 57th District: Local (434) 220-1660.. Richmond (804) 698 1057. Email
    Web presence:

    Committee Assignments: Courts of Justice, Science and Technology

    Delegate Robert Bell, 58th District: Local: 2309 Finch Court, Charlottesville, Virginia 22911; (434) 245-8900; and, Rm 810 General Assembly Building, Richmond, Virginia. (804) 698-1058

    Committee Assignments: Courts of Justice; Privileges and Elections; and Health Welfare and Institutions. See also, bills Rob Bell has introduced.

    Delegate Watkins M. Abbitt, Jr., 59th District: Local (434) 352-2880; Richmond (804) 698-1059; electronic mail --

    Committee Assignments: Appropriations; ; General Laws; and Rules. See also, bills Watkins Abbitt has introduced.

    Delegate R. Steven Landes, 25th District: Local (540) 245-5540; Richmond (804) 698-1025; electronic mail --

    Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Education; and Rules. See also, bills Steve Landes has introduced.

    Virginia General Assembly: The toll free number for the Virginia General Assembly is 1-800-889-0229.

    Community Calendars

    See theCalendar of Community, Historical and Political Events for July, 2014 and Beyond.

    The City of Charlottesville offers a Visitors Calnedar And the University of Virginia has a student calendar. Check them out.

    Local Political Web Sites

    ~The Albemarle County Democratic Committee~ The Albemarle County Republican Committee~ The Jefferson Area Libertarians~ The Charlottesville Democratic Committee~ The Charlottesville Republican Committee~~ Rockingham County Democratic Committee~ University Democrats~ Richmond Sunlight~ Virginia Public Access Project~ David Toscano~ Helena Cobban~ Fluvanna Democrats~ Brian Wheeler~ Fifth Congressional District Democrats~ Jennifer McKeever~ Obama Truth Squad~ Fluvanna County Republicans~ Jefferson Area Tea Party~

    The Community Chalkboard

    See the Thomas Jefferson Center's Monument to Free Expression.

    Comments? Questions? Write me at