Signs of the Times - Harry Tenney deplores treatment of migrant children
June 2019
Letters to the Editor: Harry Tenney deplores treatment of migrant children
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Since learning of the death of Paul Gaston my friend, former neighbor, raconteur, and just one of God's good people, I am compelled to write of a situation occurring in our nation that would reach the top of the charts of our many horrors.

A situation so dire, so sad, I know, without question it would have drawn a reaction of outrage from Paul.

The nightmarish issue I speak of is our government's treatment of migrant children who have somehow reached the southern border of the United States; rounded up and placed in concentration centers (I will avoid the use of "camps" so to not offend the sensitivities of Congresswoman Liz Cheney's concern for Holocaust survivors).

From toddlers as young as two years old to teenagers, the sickening situation these kids, caged in like zoo animals, deny any semblance of human compassion from their "keepers." The government of the United States of America.

According to lawyers, pediatricians, advocates for children who have visited the facilities, they have witnessed malnourished children, filth, poor sanitary conditions. Some with highly communicable diseases going without medical care, inadequate toilet facilities. Several children have died while in custody and it is alleged,the number of deaths may be under-reported.

Children so young, they have no way of informing authorities who or where their parents might be. Children made to sleep on concrete floors with nothing but a piece of Mylar to serve as a blanket. Bright lights on 24/7. Shivering children unable to speak, in shock.

The government's answer to this is to defend in a lawsuit (Flores vs.Barr), the children are not entitled to soap, beds or toothbrushes!

Friends THESE ARE CHILDREN and this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Please let our representatives know how you might feel about this shame.

Paul Gaston was beaten defending the right of black Americans the simple right to eat where they choose. I have no doubt where he would come down on this travesty.

Harry Tenney (Jun 22, 2019)

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