Signs of the Times - Peace Flags
August 2017
In Memoriam Heather Heyer: Peace Flags
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Aaron Fein's White Flags at the Memorial Service for Heather Heyer
Aaron Fein with his Peace Flags at the Memorial Service for Heather Heyer, Charlottesville, August 16, 2017

 From Aaron Fein: These flags originated in the aftermath of 9/11. While the flags always remind me, personally, of the difficult times that led to their birth, I have chosen over the years to speak only about the unity and hope that they communicate. That is why I have stood in public with them before and it's why I brought them out today. Had it not been for the creation of the Free Speech Monument in 2006, I may never have stood out in public with them at all. This project is at its very core an expression of the Charlottesville I know and love.

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