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Tommy Hill

Champion of Free Minds and Free Markets

Hammering Down the Democratic Stalwarts.

In the 1992, Tom Hill ran with Thane Kerner and Thomas Plofchan for City Council against Democrats Virginia Daugherty, Rev. Alvin Edwards, and Tom Vandever.

Tommy was Chair of the Charlottesville Republican party from 1994 to 1996 and has most recently been described as a Friend of Referendum.


In The News

Keep the Donations Coming

Most of you will recognize Tom Hill as the former chairman of the Charlottesville Republican Party who is "offering to buy $8.29 million in loans (to the Omni Charlottesville Hotel) that weren't repaid to the city" (Kimberly O'Brien, The Daily Progress, February 19, 1998).

Tommy has also had some recent flooding in his front yard. A local wag put together the news report which follows. When questioned about it, Tom Hill says the party stuff is just not true.

AP Charlottesville, VA - In a show of community spirit, local business man Tom Powell is starting a relief effort to provide a helping hand to the Thomas Hill family of Mason Lane. In the latest series of storms the Hills were seen riding a canoe in their front yard to search for their children's shoes. At the time of this story it is unclear if any were lost. Under the deep water their house could not be seen. Nobody knows where the horse and chickens are at this time. Mr. Powell said "that he felt a need to help the Hills out in their time of need, since everyone knows Tommy won't accept any government help. I just saw an opportunity to be a point of light."

The Hills are overwhelmed by the show of community support, although it has been noted that only one democrate, Norman Woolworth, has stopped by Powell's gas station, Town & County Exxon, to make a donation. "Other than Norman, it has been a who's who of republicans down here. A real mean spirited group!!" Kemp Hill, lovely mother of the 4 children, is planning on hosting a magnificant lawn party this spring to thank everyone for their help during this difficult time.

Last Prediction

Michael Crafaik will win the Clark, Walker, and Recreation precincts in the May 7th election (The Observer, May 2, 1996).

In fact, Crafaik placed in only one precinct, beating out Virginia Daugherty, 453 to 445. Crafaik lost to Daugherty city-wide, 1,852 to 2,571(Unofficial Election Returns, The Daily Progress, May 8, 1996).

One correct guess out of three ain't bad.

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