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George C. Landrith, III

Republican Candidate for the United States Congress in the Fifth District. George C. Landrith, III points the way to health care reform. (Picture taken of George Landrith at a protest against National Health Care Reform, Senior Center, Charlottesville, Virginia, 1994.)

Good Deeds

Joined Ruthann Brown, Michael Crafaik, and Eric Strzepek to help clean up the playground at the Westhaven housing project (Daily Progress, April 29, 1996).

What They Say ...

According to the Daily Progress (May 15, 1996), "Landrith's 1995 PAC -- "Virginians for a Conservative Majority" -- raised $9,869 last year and spent more than half of that amount on Mourad's salary and health insurance for Landrith and Mourad, who staffed the office, according to the PAC's financial report to the state Board of Elections."

"Bruce Meadows, the secretary for the state Board of Elections, said he's never heard of a PAC paying for the health insurance of a candidate and his family, but it's not against state law. "It's a large, large stretch, but it's not illegal," Meadows said" (Daily Progress, October 2, 1996).

I guess if you have a PAC you don't need health care reform.

In the News

On election day, the lines at Monticello Precinct went from the polling place out to the parking lot of Piedmont Virginia Community College. Despite Laura Landrith's best efforts at the same polling place, the unofficial vote was as follows:

PRESIDENT: Bill Clinton 1,271; Bob Dole 1,227; Ross Perot 152.

SENATE: John Warner 1,388; Mark Warner 1,229.

5th HOUSE: Virgil Goode 1,392; George Landrith 1,161; "Tex" Wood 101.

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