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John Wheeler

Co-Chairman of Town Reversion Study Group. (Picture taken at Walker Precinct, Charlottesville, Virginia on November 5, 1996 at 8 a.m.).
On election day, John Wheeler ended up staffing not only the "reversion" table but, because Tom Vandever left early, John in effect also staffed the "referendum before reversion" table for a few hours as well.

Said John, "Signing the petition for 'reversion' and the petition for 'referendum before reversion' are not inconsistent with one another."

At the same time, he also believes that complicated issues like reversion "are not conducive to referendum. They lead to 'whimocracy,' like what you've got in California. A decision this complicated is simply not appropriate for referendum. That's why we have elected officials" (Daily Progress, November 22, 1996).

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