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Sue Lewis

Woman About Town (Picture taken Gloria Steinem's visit to FOCUS in Charlottesville, Virginia on September 19, 2000).
Former Democratic candidate for the nomination to the Charlottesville City Council considers herself an Independent Democrat.

Here is what she says about Gloria Steinem:

Gloria Steinem is one of the most attractive icons of the Women's Movement - she is aging beautifully, so very comfortable with herself and where she is at this stage in her life - no apologies for getting married, no need to explain because she truly believes that everyone should be able to make the choices that work for them. She has lost none of her passion for equality, has none of the stridency that turns so many off, and was so unbelievably gracious during her visit here. How can anyone not admire her! There will probably be some snide remarks in some of the media, but I found her to be the genuine article - would that more of us could take her viewpoint to heart and practice what she preaches!

Sue Lewis (electronic mail, September 20, 2000).

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