The Widening Gyre

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Stephen Koleszar

Albemarle County School Board Member, Scottsville District. Monticello Precinct Democratic Wizard. (Picture taken at Monticello Precinct, Albemarle County, Virginia on November 5, 1996 at 8 a.m.).
On election day, the lines at Monticello Precinct went from the polling place out to the parking lot of Piedmont Virginia Community College. Despite Laura Landrith's best efforts at the same polling place, the unofficial vote was as follows:

PRESIDENT: Bill Clinton 1,271; Bob Dole 1,227; Ross Perot 152.

SENATE: John Warner 1,388; Mark Warner 1,229.

5th HOUSE: Virgil Goode 1,392; George Landrith 1,161; "Tex" Wood 101.

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