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Senator Emily Couric

Writer. Senator of 25th District of the State of Virginia. Member since 1996. (Picture taken at Rally for Mark Warner, October 30, 1996 in Charlottesville, Virginia.)

On Power Sharing

At the League of Women Voters Annual Legislative Luncheon on January 2nd, Senator Emily Couric (D-Charlottesville) said the 40-member Senate's two-year-old power sharing agreement works well as 15 member committees have either seven or eight members from each party plus chairmen from both parties. Couric told nearly 50 league members at Aunt Sarah's Pancake House on Pantops Mountain that she is 'someone who might soon be a member of the minority party in the Senate' because a Democratic senator from Republican-leaning Loudoun County might accept an appointment from Gilmore (Bob Gibson, Daily Progress, January 3, 1998).

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