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William Jefferson Clinton

42nd President of the United States. Picture of Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton taken at a rally in front of the Executive Mansion the day after the Presidential debate in Richmond, Virginia on October 16, 1992.

In the News

William Jefferson Clinton is the first Democrat to win a second presidential election since Franklin D. Roosevelt in the lowest turnout of eligible voters since 1924. President Clinton received 379 electoral votes and slightly less than 50% of the popular vote.

In Virginia (CBS News, Campaign 96, State by State, November 6, 1996): PRESIDENT (13 Electoral Votes/99% Precincts Reporting): Bill Clinton (D) 1,070,990/45%; Bob Dole (R) 1,119,974/47%.

In Charlottesville '96 ( Unofficial results, Daily Progress, November 6, 1996): PRESIDENT: Bill Clinton (D) 7,916; Bob Dole (R) 4,091.

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