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Don and Megan Beyer

Megan and Two-Term Lt. Governor Donald S. Beyer Jr. (Picture of Megan and Don taken at the Democratic Inaugural Celebration in Richmond, Virginia in 1994).

In the News

"Lt. Governor Donald S. Beyer Jr. bade farewell to the Virginia Senate today, exiting with two ceremonial gavels and the memories gathered during eight years as presiding officer" (Spencer Hsu, The Washington Post, January 17, 1998).

"'I could sell some cars with this gavel,' Beyer quipped, his ready humor rarely failing him, even when voters did in quashing his gubernatorial dream" (Ruth S. Intress, Richmond Times-Dispatch, January 17, 1998).

"'History is full of individuals who lose elections but went on to do very important things in their lives. I'm very comfortable ... The children have not grieved my election loss at all" (Spencer Hsu, The Washington Post, January 17, 1998).


Holiday Greetings from Don and Megan Beyer



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