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Pro-Choice Lobby Day in Richmond, Virginia -- 1998


 Rev. Jane Sigloh at Pro-Choice Lobby Day 1998


"Pro-choice activists from across the state gathered on Wednesday, January 28 at the Capitol to participate in the annual Pro-Choice Lobby Day. After a training session in the morning, they proceeded to the General Assembly Building ...(to) advocate preventive measures which would reduce the need for abortion. They discussed with their legislators the need for comprehensive Family Life Education in Virginia schools ... (and for expanding) Medicaid coverage to include two years of family planning after birth" (Karen Raschke, Press Release, January 28, 1998).

At least 14 people, including Rev. Jane Sigloh (pictured above) traveled from Charlottesville to Richmond to see their respective legislators.

Bills supported by Planned Parenthood included:

Bills opposed by Planned Parenthood included:

Failing to report means the bill was not reported out of committee to the full body for final voting. Voting yes to report is voting in favor; voting not to report means you want the bill to die asap in committee. A tie vote in committee results in no reporting.

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